Digital Logic Laboratory

This lab enables opportunities that facilitate learning both combinational and simple sequential designs. These designs are implemented using a IntelFPGA through schematic capture and Verilog. Some examples of projects are adders, 4 digit seven segment display controllers, and even VGA output.

The following lab material requires Adobe Acrobot Reader to view.

DE10-Lite FPGA

Hardware Used

Software Used

Important Documents

Lab Manual


Section 1: Basic Combinational Logic and the DE10-Lite 

This section covers the basics of using the Quartus Prime software to program an FPGA, and use of the onboard switches, buttons, and LEDs. 

Section 2: Adders on an FPGA

Learn about number systems and adders.

Section 3: Combinational Logic (Seven Segment Driver)


Design a 7 segment display decoder.

Section 4:Counters


Design a counter and display it on the 7 segment display.

Section 5: System Verilog


 Use System Verilog to desgin an accurate clock.

Section 6: Video Graphics Array(VGA)


Design a system that uses the onboard VGA port to output basic graphics.