Electronics I

ECE322 is the introduction to the analysis and design of analog electronic circuits. Diodes, BJTs, and MOSFETs are covered. The lab uses concepts learned in lecture to design and build a power supply.

The following lab material requires Adobe Acrobot Reader to view.

Power Supply

Hardware Used

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Important Documents

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Lab Manual

Complete ECE 322 Manual

Section 1: Lab Equipment

  • Week 1:
  • Pass out lab kits
  • Explain and demonstrate a finished power supply
  • Explain oscilloscope coupling basics
  • LTSpice training/review

Section 2: Rectifier and Amplifier

  • Week 2:
  • Diode I-V characteristics and changes w/temperature
  • Half/full wave rectifiers
  • Filtering, determining voltage ripple
  • Design and build rectifier/filter circuit
  • Week 3: Finish Up
  • Finish building AC rectifier
  • Finish Mechanical Assembly

Section 3: Voltage Regulators

  • Week 4:
  • Transistor characteristics
  • Vary fan speed with BJT amplifier and pots
  • Two transistor vreg (2N4401 then with TIP29)
  • Week 5: Design and Voltage Regulators
  • Darlington pair to boost DC gain (hfe)
  • Build Positive VReg
  • Week 6: Design and Build Voltage Regulators
  • Design and buile negative VReg
  • Add over current protection
  • Challenge to add over current warning light
  • Week 7: Design and Build Voltage Regulators
  • Design and build fan control circuit

Section 4: Temperature Controlled Fan

Week 8: Design and build fan control circuit

Section 5: MOSFET Design

Week 9: Design and build capacitor discharging circuit

Section 6: Testing and Challenges

  • Week 10:
  • Test power supply for full functionality
  • Assorted challenges


Appendix A: Lab Equipment Overview
Appendix B: Project Design Specification Document
Appendix C: Presentation Pointers
Appendix D: Tektronix TDS 210 Oscilloscope
Appendix E: Parts List and Suppliers