Electronics II

ECE323 is the introduction to transient operation of MOSFETs and bipolar transistors, multistage amplifiers, feedback and stability, and frequency response.

The following lab material requires Adobe Acrobot Reader to view.

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Lab Manual

Complete ECE 323 Manual


This section introduces the ECE 323 Lab Manual. It includes explanations of important symbols and lab safety tips.

Section 1: LTSpice

    Week 1:
  • LTSpice training/review
  • Design and simulate an specified amplifier circuit

Section 2: Design the Prototype

    Week 2:
  • Review BJT amplifier configurations
  • Design and simulate your gain amplifier
    Week 3:
  • Choose an amplifier topology
  • Improve amplifier design and simulate at various frequencies

Section 3: Prototype & Construction

    Weeks 4-5:
  • Breadboard and test your circuit
  • Prototype and test your circuit

Section 4: Project Improvement

    Weeks 6-9:
  • Add improvements to your project
  • Final build to meet specifications


Appendix A: LTSpice 
Appendix B: Total Harmonic Distortion
Appendix C: Presentation Pointers
Appendix D: Suppliers