An H-bridge is a device that allows current to flow in either direction through it (or not at all) depending on a logic input from another device. This is useful for spinning motors in different directions or operating other polar high current devices. This module includes two h-bridges which can be used independently or in parallel for higher current management.


  • 2 channels
  • 2 A max DC current per channel
  • 50 V max power supply voltage
  • 5 V logic

Quick Start

The following example code and instructions are for using one channel of the H-bridge to control one motor to run in forward and reverse.

1. Using the wiring diagram as a guide, wire the Teensy 2.0 to the H-Bridge and connect it to a computer. Ensure that ENA (enable A) is jumpered, or the h-bridge will not work. Additionally, if the logic voltage (+5V) is the same as the desired supply voltage, as it is in this example project, the two male header pins closer to the center of the h-bridge should also be jumpered.

block diagram

2. Download the example code and teensy.exe using the links provided.

3. Load the .hex file from the example code onto the teensy using the teensy bootloader. The motor should run forward and backward for one second each repeatedly.