The TEA5767 module is a FM Stereo radio. It has a frequency range of between 76 and 108MHz. A common use for this radio is with a microcontroller using 2-wire serial protocol(i2c) to send settings.


Quick Start Guide

  1. Wiring: Please follow the wiring diagram below. Note the resistors connecting SDA and SCL to Vcc. An easy way to connnect those resistors is to use a breadboard.   Additionally connect a speaker or headphones to the aux socket labeled with a speaker and the provided wire to the other.
    TEA 5767 wiring diagram
  2. After wiring the unit download the code from the link below. The zip file contains functions.c which has the i2c interfacing functions and a function to set frequencies. The main file simply uses the set frequency function to tune to a radio station. Also included is a compiled hex file that can be loaded onto a Teensy 2.0 Microcontroller.
    TEA5767 Example Code
  3. The sample code can be compiled from the command-line via the command 'make'. Download the loader from the Teensy 2.0 website and program the hex.
    Teensy Loader Website