This is a breakout board for Freescale's MMA7361L three-axis analog MEMS accelerometer. The sensor requires a very low amount of power and has a g-select input which switches the accelerometer between +,- 1.5g and +, - 6g measurement ranges. Other features include a sleep mode, signal conditioning, a 1-pole low pass filter, temperature compensation, self test, and 0g-detect which detects linear freefall. Zero-g offset and sensitivity are factory set and require no external devices. accelerometer


  • Two selectable measuring ranges (+-1.5g, +-6g)
  • Breadboard friendly - 0.1" pitch header
  • Low voltage operation: 2.2 V - 3.6 V
  • High sensitivity (800 mV/g at 1.5g)
  • Fast turn on time (0.5 ms enable response time)
  • Self test for freefall detect diagnosis
  • 0g-Detect for freefall protection
  • Signal conditioning with low pass filter
  • Robust design, high shocks survivability


Quick Start Guide

accelerometer in use
Example code here!
This guide uses the ADC on the Teensy 2.0 in order to read data from the three axis pins on the accelerometer. It takes this data and uses it to light LED's in a north/south/east/west fashion.

  • You will need:
  • 220 ohm resistors
  • 4 LED's
  • Teensy 2.0
  • Accelerometer module
  1. Connect the wires as follows from the Teensy to the accelerometer:
    • F0->X
    • F1->Y
    • F4->Z
    • B5->SL
    • B0->GS
    • VCC->5V
    • GND->GND
  2. Now connect these four pins to four LED's arranged in a circle, like a compass. Make sure that a 220 ohm resistor is placed in series with each LED. This resistor is used to limit the current passing through the LED's, as too much current will destroy them!
    • F5->"East" LED
    • F6->"North" LED
    • F7->"West" LED
    • B6->"South" LED
  3. Unzip the code files linked above. Follow the instructions here for your operating system to use Teensy loader to load the accelerometer.hex file onto the Teensy.
  4. When the Teensy resets, moving the accelerometer should cause certain LED's to light depending on the orientation of the accelerometer.