The charger board is designed to charge six NiCd batteries and provide power to the TekBots robot platform. It accepts either AC or DC voltages as input in the range of 10 to 24 volts. The board provides short circuit protection for the batteries and includes multiple sites for obtaining power directly from the batteries.

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Relevant Courses

  • ECE 112: Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering II
  • ECE 272: Digital Logic Laboratory
  • ECE 322: Electronics I
  • ECE 323: Electronics II
  • ECE 375: Introduction to Computer Organization & Assembly


  • Short Circuit Protection w/ Resettable Fuse
  • Power Bussing
  • AC/DC Regulation
  • Charge Indicator Light
  • Slow and Fast Charge
  • Power Switch


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is VCC?
Answer: Vcc (or VCC) is a term used in digital circuits for defining the main source of positive power in a circuit (usually 5 Volts). It is often used to describe the positive power supply in circuits, digital or otherwise.