The motor controller board used on the TekBots base allows for digital control of two separate motors of up to 15V volts at 600 mA.


Relevant Courses

  • ECE 111: Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering II
  • ECE 199: TekBots Assembly Seminar


  • Mounting for Teensy 2.0 board
  • 600 milliamp per motor channel
  • Two Separate Motor Channels
  • Standard TekBots Power Connector
  • Standard TekBots Mounting Holes


Quick Start with Teensy 2.0

  1. Wiring: The mtr_ctlr.4 board can be configured to act identical to the older mtr_ctlr.2 boards. To accomplish this, a Teensy 2.0 must be installed and flashed with firmware to mimic the interface. This quick start walks through this process and the correct wiring for the system.
    A few comments about using the mtr_ctlr.4 board. The L293 chip used for driving the motors needs to be supplied power via a power system that can support the current needed by the motors. On the TekBot, the L293 chip power for the VCC2 pin should come directly from the charger board for the system NOT from the on-board power supply of the mtr_ctlr.4. The VCC1 pin should be supplied on atleast 5V and based on the voltage level of the system connected to it.
    One version of the mtr_ctlr.4 board has a mis-wiring between the Teensy 2.0 and the 4 pin serial connector. This connection is design to be used with the HC-05 Bluetooth module available online and from TekBots. However, the RXD and TXD pins are mis-wired on the PCB When connecting the HC-05 module, it is best to directly wire it to the teensy rather than use this 4 pin connector. The mtr_Ctlr.4 board that are mis-wired are green in color. All newer PCBs are not green in color.

  2. After wiring the unit, you can download the example .hex file below. 

    mtr_ctlr.4 / Teensy Hex File
  3. The hex file can be downloaded via the Teensy 2.0 loader. You can download the loader from the Teensy 2.0 website.

    Teensy Loader