The PIR sensor is a passive sensor (which means it hardly uses any energy to work). It detects infrared radiation from a passing heat source. You can use this to make a motion detection device, a light switch, or you could string many together and you could make an instrument that you won’t need to touch.

pir sensor


  • Uses the PIR Sensor KP500B
  • Includes pir sensor fresnel lens 8002-2



Quick Start Guide

    To use the PIR sensor for a basic motion detection system, you will need:
  • 1 Microcontroller, (I will be using an arduino)
  • 1 PIR sensor
  • 1 LED of your choice
  • Hookup wire


The middle pin of the PIR sensor is the digital input pin. The outer pins are 5V and ground. The pins on the sensor are labeled. Place the LED between pin 13 and ground on the Arduino. The schematic shows the details of how to set up the sensor

pir sensor pinout