20 - 24 September 2009
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon, USA


Workshop on Visual Languages and Logic (VLL)

Diagrams of one sort or another have always been used as aids to abstract reasoning. Although many are informal mnemonics, reminding their authors about structures and relationships they have observed or deduced, considerable research effort has been expended on formalising graphical notations so that they may play a more central role in the application of logic to problems.
The purpose of this workshop is to explore the current state of research at the intersection of logic and visual languages.

Full-day workshop on September 20, 2009


Workshop website: http://www.cs.dal.ca/~vll

Workshop on Visual Formalisms for Patterns

Patterns are increasingly used in the definition of software frameworks, as well as in Model Driven Development, to indicate parts of required architectures, drive code refactoring, or build model-to-model transformations. The full realisation of their power is however hindered by the lack of a standard formalization of the notion of pattern. The availability of formalisms will make common practices involving patterns, such as pattern discovery, pattern enforcement, pattern-based refactoring, etc., simpler and amenable to automation, and open new perspectives for pattern composition and analysis of pattern consequences. The workshop will bring together researchers interested in the definition, usage and analysis of patterns through visual formalisms, which couple the simplicity of traditional methods for pattern expression with solid foundations for pattern-based activities.

Full-day workshop on September 24, 2009


Workshop website: http://arantxa.ii.uam.es/~jlara/VforP.htm