Stand-out Students

OSU Ecampus computer science students are making a difference in the tech industry.

Taming Wild Data (not Wild Robots)

Rather than a threat, researchers at Oregon State see artificial intelligence as a powerful tool that can advance science and impact how we live. And it’s already happening.

New School Head's Path to Oregon State

V John Mathews began his path to becoming head of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Oregon State as early as grade school.

Making Magnets

Graduate and undergraduate students at Oregon State University are helping to break new ground for the next generation of high-performance electronic components and memory storage.

Oregon State at Their Core

Oregon State alumni, Alex Polvi and Brandon Philips, are making news with their company CoreOS.

Our collaborative community, the innovative approaches we take to research and education, and the cultivation of leaders make our program truly outstanding.

Engineering News

OSU News Release

OSU joins national cybersecurity consortium

Feb 3, 2016
A $1.5 million grant to OSU, as part of a broader consortium, will help protect the nation's electric grid from cyber threats.… Read full story.
OSU News Release

Oregon State launches humanitarian engineering program

Jan 14, 2016
OSU has added one of the few academic programs in the nation in humanitarian engineering, helping students to build skills that could have an impact both locally and globally.… Read full story.

Upcoming Events


Colloquium: Distributed Fault-Tolerant Optimization

Nitin Vaidya, Professor Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Consider a network of agents 1 to N, wherein each agent i has…

PhD Oral Preliminary Examination Michael Starrett

Development and Experimental Hardware Validation of Novel Variable Speed Hydropower Control Schemes for Emerging Applications and Water Resource Paradigms Recent opportunities for new hydropower generation in the United States…

Beaver Battalion Tuesday Soup Lunch

The Naval ROTC Beaver Battalion is participating in the OSU Food Drive student competition to help our local friends and neighbors. Please join us for a soup lunch every Tuesday…

Flat-Panel Display Backplanes: Past, Present, and a Possible Future Option

John F. Wager, Michael and Judith Gaulke Endowed Chair School of EECS, Oregon State University An overview of flat-panel display backplanes is offered. This involves briefly reviewing the…

Start Smart

This Start Smart workshop is for young women in the College of Engineering and the College of Business.  It will teach you how to determine what employers are paying for the…

Colloquium: Action, Gesture and Spoken Command Recognition in Human-Robot Interaction

Petros Maragos, Professor School of E.C.E., National Technical University of Athens In this talk we will present some advances from our research in the EU project MOBOT which…
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Writing Apps That Dont Freeze

Feb 5, 2016

Danny Dig and his colleagues discovered widespread problems in mobile app development that can cause applications to be unresponsive and freeze. After looking at over 1,000 open-source mobile apps, they found two main problems underuse and misuse of asynchronous programming. Its very easy, if you are not careful, to write a mobile app that… Continue reading

Freshman Beavs Hack the Quack

Feb 1, 2016

Computer science freshmen, Brett Case, Logan Phipps and Taegan Warren had completed just one computer science class at Oregon State University, but their lack of expertise didnt stop them from participating in QuackHack. The 40-hour gaming hackathon, held at the University of Oregon, challenged students to take an idea for a game and create a… Continue reading

OSU Event Brings Together Engineering and Business Students

Jan 27, 2016

A diverse group of students from 10 different majors traded sleep for creating a marketable product at Oregon State University’s HWeekend on January 16-17. In just 30 hours, 11 teams built devices ranging from fun to serious including a spider robot, a wearable musical instrument, and a smart mask air filter and pitched… Continue reading

In the News

Professor Tom Dietterich and PhD student Tadesse Zemicheal are aiming to use artificial intelligence to detect bad data in weather stations.

AI is an opportunity to create tools that save money, save lives and improve life in ways that can’t be measured.

Oregon State's Ecampus is ranked in the top 10 of U.S. News and World Report's best online bachelor's degree program. Domputer science is the program's most popular degree.

The group still plans to compete in the 2016 American Solar Challenge this July and the 2017 World Solar Challenge, and is currently upgrading their solar vehicle for those events.