Connecting with communities in rural Alaska

Phylicia Cicilio is working to improve the efficiency and resiliency of a microgrid in Nome, Alaska.

Blending electrical and chemical engineering

Arturo Valdivia developed a new technique to demonstrate that MoS2 manufacturing is possible.

Solutions minded

Undergraduate Chris Vlessis is the co-founder and chief technology officer for a software solutions company.

Impacting industry

Iftekhar Ahmed applies an old research technique to find bugs in the Linux kernel.

Bumper year for CAREER awards

Three professors received the prestigious NSF CAREER award this year, bringing the total for the School of EECS to 21.

Our collaborative community, the innovative approaches we take to research and education, and the cultivation of leaders make our program truly outstanding.

Engineering News

OSU News Release

OSU robotics program ranked best in West, fourth in nation

May 19, 2016
The graduate robotics program in the OSU College of Engineering has been ranked as the best in the western United States and fourth in the nation, according to Grad School Hub.… Read full story.

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PhD Final Oral Examination Michael Starrett

Development and Experimental Hardware Validation of Novel Variable Speed Hydropower Control Schemes for Emerging Applications and Water Resource Paradigms Recent opportunities for new hydropower generation in the United States…

MS Final Examination Tanjin Xu

Exploration of Regression Models for Cancer Noncoding Mutation Recurrence An important impact of the genome technology revolution will be the elucidation of mechanisms of cancer pathogenesis, leading to improvements…

MS Final Examination Qianyun Li

Electric Machine Capability Characterization for Actuators of Disaster Response Robots Disaster response robots must simultaneously be able to survive extreme environments and complete missions efficiently and robustly.  One of…

PhD Oral Preliminary Examination Shubhomoy Das

Incorporating User Feedback into Machine Learning Systems Although machine learning systems are often effective in real-world applications, there are situations in which they can be even better when provided…

PhD Oral Preliminary Examination Amin Alipour

Leveraging Generated Tests Tests generated by automated test generators are seldom processed for further use in software testing. The goal of this research is to find techniques for processing…

PhD Oral Preliminary Examination Spencer Leuenberger

A Study of Ring Amplifier Noise PerformanceScaling of integrated circuit technology into the submicron region has been driven by digital design parameters. Analog design parameters have not universally improved.…
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NVIDIA co-founder receives alumni award

Apr 18, 2016

Jen-Hsun Huang, co-founder, president and chief executive officer of NVIDIA, is honored this week by the Oregon State University Alumni Associationat the 35th Annual Spring Awards. Huang is receiving the E.B. Lemon Distinguished Alumni Award for his significant contributions and accomplishments within the society and the university. Since graduating in 1984, Huang has kept close… Continue reading

EECS Student Earns Mastery Challenge Top Prize

Mar 25, 2016

Carl Beery, a junior in electrical and computer engineering, took first place and a cash prize of $150 in the Mastery Challenge for winter term. The Mastery Challenge is a new extracurricular program hosted by the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Oregon State University to provide more hands-on learning opportunities for all… Continue reading

Mike Rosulek Receives Google Research Award

Mar 14, 2016

Mike Rosulek, assistant professor of computer science, was selected for a Google Research Award for a grant to advance methods of customer privacy. The award will allow Rosulek to hire a graduate student to work on the project, and give them the opportunity to collaborate with Google researchers and engineers. I have lots of ideas… Continue reading

In the News

Rockets. Race cars. Graduation caps with solar-powered fans mounted on them. These and nearly 200 other projects were on display at the 17th annual Engineering Expo.

An interview with computer science professor and Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence president Tom Dietterich on the role of artificial intelligence in society.

The OSU Robotics Club underwater team tested its robot and ran into a few problems. But they even though the robot didn't work, they keep learning new things while troubleshooting.

The online post-baccalaureate computer science program is helping people find their "dream jobs."