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The Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (AIR) group studies theory, algorithms, and systems for making intelligent decisions in complex and uncertain environments. The research covers most aspects of AIR including perception and interpretation of sensor data, learning about environments, learning to make decisions, automated planning and reasoning, and interaction of AIR systems with each other and with humans. The group studies AIR systems for both virtual and physical worlds under varying levels of autonomy, ranging from decision support systems to full autonomy.

The research is grounded in a wide range of applications. Example decision support applications include forest fire management, species conservation, emergency response, and precision agriculture. Our robotics applications include intelligent wheel chairs, ocean exploration, medical applications, and agriculture.

Sub Areas

  • Automated Decision Making and Control
  • Machine Learning and Data Mining
  • Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Robotics

Related Courses

  • CS 531: Artificial Intelligence
  • CS 533: Intelligent Agents and Decision Making
  • CS 534: Machine Learning
  • CS 535: Deep Learning
  • CS 536: Probabilistic Graphical Models
  • CS 537: Computer Vision
  • CS 538: Natural Language Processing
  • CS 637: Computer Vision II
  • CS 519: Data Exploration and Analytics
  • CS 519: Distributed Artificial Intelligence
  • ECE 565: Estimation, Detection, and Filtering
  • ECE 599: Convex Optimization
  • ROB 514: Introduction to Robotics
  • ROB 521: Applied Robotics
  • ROB 537: Learning-Based Control
  • ROB 534: Sequential Decision Making in Robotics
  • ME 531: Linear Multivariate Control Systems I
  • ME 533: Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis


Photo of Julie Adams

Julie Adams
Distributed artificial intelligence; robotics; human-machine teaming; human-computer interaction; human-robot interaction

Photo of Tom Dietterich

Tom Dietterich 
Machine learning; safe and robust AI systems; sensor networks; intelligent user interfaces

Photo of Alan Fern

Alan Fern 
Artificial intelligence, including machine learning, data mining, and automated planning/control

Photo of Liang Huang

Liang Huang 
Natural language processing, including parsing and translation; structured machine learning; computational structural biology (RNA and protein folding); deep learning

Photo of Heather Knight

Heather Knight
Human-robot interaction; non-verbal machine communications; non-anthropomorphic social robots

Photo of Fuxin Li

Fuxin Li 
Computer vision; deep learning; machine learning; segmentation-based object recognition and scene understanding; spatio-temporal video analysis

Photo of Prasad Tadepalli

Prasad Tadepalli
Artificial intelligence; machine learning; automated planning; natural language processing

Photo of Sinisa Todorovic

Sinisa Todorovic 
Object recognition; region / shape matching; texture; video object segmentation; stochastic image grammars

Affiliated Faculty

Photo of Ravi Balasubramanian

Ravi Balasubramanian
Robust operation in unstructured environments; neural control and biomechanics

Photo of Lizhong Chen

Lizhong Chen 
CPU and GPU architecture; high-performance computing (HPC) systems; data centers; interconnection networks

Photo of Geoffrey Hollinger

Geoffrey Hollinger 
Planning, coordination, and learning techniques for autonomous robotic systems

Photo of William Smart

William Smart 
Improving interactions between people and robots; enabling robots to be self-sufficient; robots as personal assistants for people with severe motor disabilities

Photo of Kagan Tumer

Kagan Tumer 
Learning, optimization & control in large complex systems; learning & coordination in multiagent systems; distributed reinforcement learning; evolutionary algorithms for control & optimization