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Rhinefrank, K., A. A. Schacher, J. Prudell, T. K. A. Brekken, C. Stillinger, J. Z. Yen, S. G. Ernst, A. von Jouanne, E. A. Amon, R. Paasch, et al., "Comparison of Direct-Drive Power Takeoff Systems for Ocean Wave Energy Applications", IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, vol. 37, issue 1, pp. 35 - 44, 01/2012.
Amon, E. A., T. K. A. Brekken, and A. A. Schacher, "Maximum Power Point Tracking for Ocean Wave Energy Conversion", IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, vol. 48, issue 3, pp. 1079 - 1086, 05/2012.
Amon, E. A., A. A. Schacher, and T. K. A. Brekken, "A novel maximum power point tracking algorithm for ocean wave energy devices", 2009 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition. ECCE 20092009 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition, San Jose, CA, IEEE, pp. 2635 - 2641, 11/2009.
Elwood, D., A. A. Schacher, K. Rhinefrank, J. Prudell, S. C. Yim, E. A. Amon, T. K. A. Brekken, and A. von Jouanne, "Numerical Modeling and Ocean Testing of a Direct-Drive Wave Energy Device Utilizing a Permanent Magnet Linear Generator for Power Take-Off", ASME 2009 28th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering, Honolulu, Hawaii, ASME, pp. 817 - 824, 06/2009.