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Winter 2014


Oregon State's School of EECS is home to innovators that are impacting the world. Among them are Martin Erwig and Margaret Burnett who are well-known for their expertise in end-user software engineering. Alumnus, Howard Yang, was at the forefront of the high-tech revolution in China. Student, Anna Koch, shows promise for a career in power systems. And OSU's online degree program in computer sciences for post-baccalaureates is not just changing student's lives, it is on target to double the number of OSU's computer science graduates, helping to grow the nation's pool of high-tech talent.


Martin Erwig and Margaret Burnett
$3 Million Grant Aims to Advance Exploratory Programming

Anyone who has struggled with a spreadsheet formula that is producing mysterious results can appreciate a program that would give hints to help identify and solve the problem. Computer science professors Martin Erwig and Margaret Burnett at Oregon State University aim to improve the computer programming experience, whether the user is a professional programmer or someone who knows nothing about programming but uses of-the-shelf software.

Howard Yang
Alumnus Howard Yang: Visionary Leader

Howard Yang was the first integrated-circuits (IC) designer to return to China from Silicon Valley and help lead the high-tech transformation there starting in the early 1990s through education and entrepreneurship. At a time when mixed-signal design was unknown in China, he taught engineers and graduate students at Fudan University in Shanghai, and co-founded the first IC design company in China.

Anna Koch
Anna Koch Receives Prestigious Power Award

When Anna Koch started college she was determined that she would not be an electrical engineer. Four years later, she has received the prestigious Institute of Electrical Engineering (IEEE) scholarship in power and energy engineering — the first Oregon State University student to do so.

Ato Jackson-Kuofie
OSU's Answer to the High-Tech Talent Shortage

Launched in the summer of 2012, OSU computer science online degree program remains the only one in the nation designed for students who already have a bachelor’s degree in another area. "As tech companies were struggling to find trained professionals, I saw we had an opportunity to quickly realign college graduates who are unemployed or underemployed to highly-paid computing jobs," Terri Fiez said.


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