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Winter 2015

The Power of Partnerships

Partnerships in industry help further the mission of the School of EECS by creating impact through research and education. Collaborations are key in the stories below about an Internet of Things (IoT) Research-to-Market Center, new technology invented by EECS faculty and students, a unique class in cybersecurity, and alumnus Hannah Colett who keeps close ties to OSU. 
Tom Dietterich
Advancing IoT Research 

Research conducted at Oregon State is focused on supporting companies that are looking to create new IoT products or turn existing systems into "smart" systems. In January, the School of EECS shared their vision of a collaborative IoT Research-to-Market Center with 140 industry and government leaders and campus collaborators.

Spencer Likerman and Thinh Nguyen
Boosting Bandwidth 

A new invention at Oregon State promises to increase the bandwidth of WiFi systems ten times by using LED lights to transmit information. The technology can integrate with existing WiFi systems to alleviate bandwidth problems in crowded locations such as airport terminals or coffee shops, and in homes where several people have multiple WiFi devices.

Defense Against the Dark Arts
Building a Defense Against Cybercrime 

Another minute, another 307 cyber threats — it's a problem that Oregon State and Intel Security have teamed up to do something about. This term, top experts in cybersecurity have been instructing OSU's "Defense Against the Dark Arts" class to a packed classroom of students eager to learn the mysterious art of cybersecurity.

Hannah Colett and students
Impact Through Mentorship 

Hannah Colett willingly admits she was intimidated when she began pursuing a computer science degree at Oregon State, and credits the support and guidance of many people for her success. Now a human factors engineer at Intel, it is important to her to stay connected to her alma mater and give back through mentoring.


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