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CS Minor

A CS minor is a perfect way to gain the basics in programming fundamentals of a CS degree.  A CS minor can compliment a number of different majors and can give a student an edge in a field where heavy computer use and programming is needed, such as Health/Medical fields, Psychology, Business, and more.

ECE Majors

ECE majors complete a number of the CS courses in their program because of the similarities between the two majors. ECE students  must only complete 3 additional CS courses to receive a CS minor.

Steps to Declare a Minor:

  1. Meet with either a CS advisor to receive signature for Change of Major Form.
  2. Discuss with advisor the 3 courses you plan to complete and when.

Acceptable CS courses for Minor:

Choose 2 of the following CS courses:

Courses that DO count towards ECE restrictive electives Courses that DO NOT count towards ECE degree
CS 325 CS 321
CS 331 CS 361
CS 344 CS 362
CS 434 CS 381
CS 444 CS 419
CS 450  
CS 472  
CS 476  

Unacceptable CS courses for Minor:

  • CS 391, CS 399, CS 401, CS 405, CS 406, CS 407, CS 410


Important Notes:

  • CS courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher and have a minimum GPA of 2.25 in required CS minor courses: CS 161, CS 162, CS 261, MTH 231, ECE 271, ECE 375, CS/ECE 372 and the 2 CS electives.

All Other Majors

A CS minor requires the completion of 9 courses (7 CS & 2 MTH) for a total of 36 credits. A minimum of a grade "C" in each course, and an accumulative GPA of 2.25 in the minor courses is needed to complete the minor.

Steps to Declare a Minor:

  1. Students should complete**

     the following courses: CS 161, CS 162, CS 261, CS 271 or CS 275, MTH 231

**Must receive a "C" in these courses and have GPA of 2.25

  1. Meet with a CS advisor. Advisor will check grades and GPA and complete the Change of Major Form.

Acceptable CS courses for Minor:

Once your minor is declared, you will be eligible for upper-division electives. Students will need CS advisor overrides to take ANY upper-division elective.

Recommended (but not exclusive) upper-division courses for the minor include: CS 344, CS 361, CS 362, CS 372.

Courses that are not eligible for the CS minor include: CS 391, CS 401, CS 405, CS 406, CS 407, CS 410, CS 461-CS 463, & CS 494.