In this issue we are celebrating the accomplishments of our students. We invite you to take few minutes to read EECS Ingenuity, the e-magazine for the School of EECS, to find out about the research impact of three of our graduate students, and learn how undergraduate Chris Vlessis became co-founder of a software solutions company.

You are also invited to see our undergraduates’ latest work at the Undergraduate Engineering Expo on May 20 in the Kelley Engineering Center. You can view videos from past Expo events below, as well as videos from the Graduate Research Expo that was held in March.

Arturo Valdivia
Blending chemical and electrical engineering

Making advances in two-dimensional semiconducting materials was beyond the scope of what Arturo Valdivia could imagine for himself when he was growing up in a small town in Eastern Oregon. Now his research has gained attention for developing a new technique which demonstrates that MoS2 manufacturing is possible. More ...

Phylicia Cicilio
Connecting with communities in rural Alaska

Phylicia Cicilio's research in rural Alaska brings together her multiple interests in engineering, the environment, and helping rural communities. Her project is to improve a microgrid in Nome that serves 3,500 people and includes a wind farm and diesel generators. More ...

Iftekhar Ahmed
Impacting industry

Iftekhar Ahmed applies an old research technique to find bugs in the Linux kernel. "I want to be ahead of the technological wave. The things I'm working on today will not be applied widely in industry for another five years," says Ahmed. More ...

Chris Vlessis
Solutions minded

Undergraduate Chris Vlessis co-founded a software company called SteadyBudget. As the chief technology officer, he is the architect for a suite of software solutions to help digital marketers track expenses and make informed marketing decisions. More ...




  • The EECS Graduate Student Women's Group is looking to connect with OSU EECS alumna to serve as mentors. Please contact Phylicia Cicilio if you are interested in joining.
  • Tell us what you are up to! We are adding a new section to Ingenuity for class notes. If you are OSU EECS alumni you can send us your information through the class notes webform.


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