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Health Engineering

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The health engineering group conducts research on systems, devices, and data analysis for a variety of health related applications. The group develops new bio-sensors, imaging techniques, wireless medical devices, and bio-materials via state-of-the-art research in advanced fabrication, nanomaterials, electronics, and magnetics. Another research emphasis is signal processing and machine learning for neural prosthetic interfaces and other medical applications. The group also studies advanced computational techniques for bio-informatics and computational biology with the goal of enhancing our understanding of health and disease.

Sub Areas

  • Bio Sensors and Materials
  • Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  • Neural Engineering
  • Health Diagnostics
  • Precision Health

Related Courses

  • ECE 599 Bioelectronic Systems and Devices
  • ECE 468/CS 519: Digital Image Processing
  • BB 585: Applied Bioinformatics
  • CS 534: Machine Learning
  • CS 546: Networks in Computational Biology
  • CS 519: Data Exploration and Analytics
  • CS 519: Algorithms for Computational Molecular Biology


Photo of Larry Cheng

Larry Cheng
Micro- / nano-fluidics; biomedical devices; electronic devices; functional materials; nanofabrication

Photo of John Conley

John F. Conley, Jr.
Thin film materials & devices; atomic layer deposition; coating, directed assembly, and device applications of nanomaterials; reliability, radiation effects, and structure of electrically active point defects

Photo of David Hendrix

David Hendrix
Motif finding; non-coding RNA structure & function analysis; apps of machine learning to computational biology; deep sequencing data analysis

Photo of Albrecht Jander

Albrecht Jander 
Magnetoresistive magnetic sensors and applications; semiconductor spintronics; magnetic resonance force microscopy; magnetic MEMS

Photo of V John Mathews

V John Mathews 
Adaptation & learning; nonlinear signal processing; application of signal & information processing to neural engineering & biomedical applications, structural health monitoring, audio & communication systems

Photo of Stephen Ramsey

Stephen Ramsey
Machine learning; computational systems biology; bioinformatics; integrative computational methods to map gene regulatory networks

Photo of Patrick Chiang

Patrick Chiang
Energy-efficient VLSI systems (on/off chip interconnects; robust, near-threshhold computing); power-constrained, wireless medical electronics

Photo of Pallavi Dhagat

Pallavi Dhagat
Magnetic logic devices; magnetic sensor applications; magnetic nanometrology; information storage

Photo of Liang Huang

Liang Huang
Natural language processing, including parsing and translation; structured machine learning; programming languages; automata and formal language theory; RNA structure prediction and protein folding

Photo of Matt Johnston

Matt Johnston 
Biosensor and bioelectronic platforms; massively-parallel sensing; lab-on-chip technologies for medical monitoring and point-of-care diagnostics

Photo of Raviv Raich

Raviv Raich  
Adaptive sensing/sampling; manifold learning; sparse representations for signal processing