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Recruit Students

Students and industry representatives chat during a recruiting event at OSU

Whether you are looking to recruit EECS students, are interested in raising your organization's visibility, or just looking for ways to connect, getting involved is easy. Review the options below and let us know which of these programs are a fit for your organization.

Post a Job or Internship

Job and internship postings are free and easy to do. Postings for both undergrads and alums are available via Beaver Job Net. For more details, click on the link above or call 541.737.4085. 

The School of EECS also has an online forum for our alums. To post to this group, email tina.batten@oregonstate.edu. Free.


INSPiRE offers a convenient package approach to university relations, helping companies connect with EECS students, build and maintain connections with the School of EECS, access resume books, even participate on our Industrial Advisory Board. Suggested donation $10K. Deadline to sign up: Sept. 15.

Capstone & Senior Projects

The CS Capstone and ECE Senior Projects program offers sponsors and mentors a great way to form a connection with seniors soon to be in the work force. Capstone & Senior Projects last for the entire academic year. Suggested donation $5000.* Deadline to sign up: Sept. 15.

EECS-MIME Senior Dinner October 22, 2014

This annual recruiting event takes place the evening prior to the October Engineering Career Fair. Organizations are invited to sponsor a table and get to know a group of EECS and/or MIME seniors. Be prepared to introduce the students to your company. Suggested donation $1K/table.* Pre-registration required.

Industry Reception February 18, 2015

Come network with students and faculty the night before the February Engineering Career Fair! This event includes students from 1) the School of Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering, 2) the School of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, and the 3) the School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. Suggested donation $750.* Pre-registration required.

OSU Career Fairs

All Career Fairs, including the Engineering Career Fairs are organized by the OSU Career Services Center. To register or get more information about these events, connect with their offices: 541.737.4085.

Sponsor a Club Seminar

As a fundraiser, our clubs (like IEEE, the OSU Linux Users Group, App Club, etc.) invite speakers from industry to share about a cool high tech development, software, etc., plus talk a little bit about the company and its mission. Presentations are scheduled throughout the academic year, and should be understandable by a wide audience including Freshmen and graduate students. To sign up, contact tina.batten@oregonstate.edu or call 541.737.8613. Suggested donation $400. Seminar series runs through the academic year.

MECOP Co-Op Program

For over 30 years, MECOP (Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program) has been bringing member companies and student interns together. Member companies also participate on the MECOP Advisory Board, enjoy other opportunities to connect with students, etc. Click on the link above for details or call 541.737.9595.