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Student FAQ

How do I register?

  1. Register online at the Student Registration page. Student registration closes October 15 (or when we run out of seats).

  2. Upload your resume by October 15. All uploaded resumes will be compiled into a resume book that will be distributed to our industrial affiliates.

Note: Even if you can’t attend the dinner, you are invited to upload your resume for inclusion in the resume book.

Before the Event

Do some background research. This event is a great opportunity to network with members of industry and find out more about a variety of organizations, their company culture, and what's it like to work there. Start by visiting the About Companies to find out more about the companies attending the Dinner (and not just the ones you registered to have dinner and dessert with).

Take a close, critical look at your resume, updating it if appropriate. Then upload it for inclusion in the Senior Dinner resume book (see above).

Consider visiting OSU Career Services for help with sharpening your resume, dining etiquette, tips on how to engage the company reps in conversation, and advice on what to wear. (See also our business casual website.)

Be aware that companies may ask if you applied via their website, so consider submitting a few resumes to the companies you are interested in meeting with prior to the event. Also bring a few hard copies with you to the Dinner, just in case.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date. (Don't have a LinkedIn profile? Click here for tips on how to build one.)

To get the most out of this event, come prepared to ask questions. Think about the questions you need to ask to determine which company is the best fit for you. What's the company culture like? What kinds of expectations does the company have for its employees? What benefits are they offering? Do they help with tuition if you take an advanced degree? What about work-life balance?

At the Event

While some companies may ask you to submit a resume online a few may also want to see an actual resume the night of the Senior Dinner, so bring a few with you just in case.

Come dressed in business casual attire.

If possible, plan on arriving a little early to pick up your name tag. That way you can meet with the company representatives as they arrive.

Check the back of your name tag for your dinner and dessert table assignments. If an assignment is with a different company from the one you signed up for, use this as an opportunity to broaden your horizons.

Use the time before dinner to talk with companies that aren't listed on your name tag. Don't be timid about approaching the company reps and initiating conversation. They generally like it when students talk to them.

Use this event to your advantage. For example, ask them for feedback on your resume, interview tips, or any other career-development input they might have.

Do NOT leave early. If you sign up for the event, we (and the participating companies) expect to see you for both dinner and dessert. (If there are extenuating circumstances, please make prior arrangements.)

Dinner Agenda

6:00 – Registration/Mixer
6:30 – 30-second Company Introductions

7:00 – Appetizer
7:20 – Next Student Group Is Seated
7:30 – Dinner
7:50  Next Student Group is Seated

8:10 – Dessert
8:30 – End of Formal Event (This is your chance to connect with an employer you have not talked to yet!)


If you have any questions about the event, contact us.