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INSPiRE Industry Affiliates

A student explains her senior project to a visitor during the annual Engineering Expo

Need qualified employees for your organization? Then be part of the exciting environment of INSPiRE Industrial Affiliates!

INSPiRE offers a convenient package approach to university relations, providing access to our most popular programs, all in one spot. Being part of INSPiRE gives your organization the opportunity to:

  • Develop relationships with students and faculty in the School of EECS.
  • Attend recruiting events for EECS majors and meet potential hires.
  • Post job and internship openings.
  • Use INSPiRE to increase your organization’s on-campus visibility.
  • Network with other industry professionals.
  • Plus access university staff who can facilitate your connection with faculty and students.

The annual contribution for the EECS INSPiRE Industrial Affiliates program is only $10K. Organizations seeking greater exposure and access are invited to sponsor more than one membership. (Contact tina.batten@oregonstate.edu for more information.)


Memberships last for one academic year (September – May), and allow members access to:

1) Admission to EECS Recruiting Events

  • One table at the Senior Dinner, October 21, 2015
  • One meeting space to talk with students at the Industry Reception, February 24, 2016

Held the evening prior to the OSU Engineering Career Fairs, the October and February events are targeted recruiting opportunities designed to provide a venue where you can connect with students at the Corvallis, Oregon campus and share about your organization.

  • Space at both the June and December Career Showcases (held in Portland, OR)

These events are networking opportunities with our online students who have already completed a Bachelor's degree and are pursuing a second Bachelor's in Computer Science.

2) Resume Book

The School of EECS generates resume books annually, but you must be an INSPIRE member to get one. Resume books cannot be purchased.

3) Capstone & Senior Projects

All EECS Seniors must complete a CS Capstone or ECE Senior Project to graduate. The projects last October - May and expose students to the challenges of engineering design and project management. Capstone and Senior Projects are a wonderful way to connect with a team of seniors while gaining visibility with other students in the course. The program offers tremendous mentoring opportunities, plus a chance to see if the students are a good fit for your organization.

4) One Discounted Club Seminar (e.g. Host an IEEE Seminar)

Have some pizza with our students and share with them some of the exciting technology developed by your organization and your company culture, as well as tips and tricks for surviving in industry, negotiating salary, etc. Seminars are scheduled throughout the school year and are attended by a wide range of EECS students (undergraduates and graduates).

5) Membership on the School of EECS Industrial Advisory Board (Meets Annually)

EECS INSPiRE members are invited to join our annual Industry Advisory Board which typically takes place in May. This meeting provides you with an overview of the educational and research activities happening in our School, plus opportunities to network with faculty and other board members.

Customize Your Membership

The suggested donation for each INSPiRE Industrial Affiliates membership is only $10K. Organizations are welcome to have more than one membership.

Remember you can customize your INPSiRE package by adding on additional senior projects, additional tables at the Senior Dinner or whatever best fits your organization’s needs. So when registering for the year, be sure to indicate any additional programs you would like included to your basic membership.

Sign Me Up!

To sign up, visit eecs.oregonstate.edu/inspire-registration Also when registering, kindly provide a point of contact that we can work with.

For more information or to ask questions about how an INSPiRE membership might help your organization, contact our Corporate Relations offices at (541) 737-8613 or email tina.batten@oregonstate.edu.