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Upgrade your career. Change the future of software.

Learn the skills and knowledge needed for a future career as a software designer or architect. This rigorous two-year program is hands-on, immersive, and focused on implementation rather than research.

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Program start
September 25, 2019

Application deadline
January 15, 2019

Two-year master's degree

Earn a Master of Science (MS) in computer science. The coursework requires considerable programming, designing and evaluating of software.

Project based

Follow your passion by choosing, designing and implementing your own projects. The team-based projects develop leadership and teamwork skills.

Career focused

The courses develop your skills in applied software engineering. Real-world projects and opportunities for internships prepare you for a career as a software designer or architect.


Quotation marksCreating a new track focused on ‘Software Innovation’ is a fantastic idea. Many of the other top CS programs in the country have done this, too. I am confident many employers (not just in Oregon) will be very intrigued.

— Bryce Clemmer, co-founder & CEO


Quotation marksIn the Software Innovation track, I'm developing a custom skill set tailored to both my personal interests and the current and anticipated needs of employers.

— Lara Letaw, Software Innovation track student


Quotation marksThe Software Innovation Track focuses on using cutting-edge technologies to create innovative software systems. The courses are preparing me as a software engineer and future entrepreneur.

— Jaki Shaik, Software Innovation track student


Quotation marksWe designed the software innovation master’s track because of the increasing demand for software developers who have higher-level skills such as software design.

— Chris Scaffidi, Associate professor of computer science
Lead mentor for the Software Innovation track
Oregon State University