Materials revolution
Recently NSF’s Science Nation visited OSU to produce a video about the Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry (CSMC) and the next generation of electronic circuits that their research will enable, starting with the basic computer chip. Our materials scientists envision a transformation of the manufacturing process through science: from bulky, inefficient carbon compounds to sustainable, highly functional metal oxides that can put more transistors on a chip and more power in your electronics. iMPACT (College of Science)


IEEE Computer Society Student Design Showcase
IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors member Greg Byrd is looking for student projects to feature in his new Student Design Showcase column in Computer. The column is dedicated to innovative, interesting student projects from computer science and engineering. Details

Cognitive Computing Challenge
This is a $200,000 USD incentive prize to build a cognitive system that can read a document, then accurately load a database with what it finds. Essentially, to teach a computer to mimic the human brain. Currently, a huge amount of information is locked in written documents which is read and analyzed manually by humans. The solution to this challenge will eliminate repetitive tasks, reduce time and minimize errors. This world-wide challenge is sponsored by Dynamic Risk, whose focus is to improve pipeline safety and reduce environmental impact. However, this technology has broader applications across industries such as healthcare, security and emergency response. Submission deadline: January 11, 2016. Details

Project Side Project
From music to hardware and writing to visual arts and more, everyone’s had a great idea or a passion project they’ve dreamed of doing. littleBits, Kickstarter, and a host of other communities have teamed up to help get your side project off the shelf and into the real world. Register for Project Side Project and enter your idea to instantly access a suite of free tools + resources from our partners to help you bring your art, craft, or creation to life. The 12 most-voted projects will get hands-on mentorship from the Kickstarter team. The grand prize winner gets a $2,000 grant and a suite of maker tools worth over $3,000. Application deadline: July 7. Details

New course: CS 446 Biological Networks
Fall 2015, Stephen Ramsey
Big Data methods have become ubiquitous in life sciences research. To gain insights from massive biological datasets, computational proficiency in working with large networks is required. We will use examples from biology to learn how to: mathematically describe a network and its structure; computationally analyze the structure of a large network; infer the structure of a network using data-driven methods; use the software package igraph for network analysis. Details


34 Interview Basics to Keep in Mind When You Get Called in at the Last Minute
We know it can be overwhelming to sift through all of the interview tips and tricks out there at the last minute, so we found this amazing infographic that narrows it down to the basics for you. Before stepping foot in the company’s door, check out these 34 reminders. From the most common questions to expect to the nonverbal mistakes to avoid, we’ve got you covered. The Muse


Research Technician Aid with IT emphasis (student position), USDA genebank. This is part-time federal position. Program a labelling machine to incorporate QR and Barcode along with text for labeling containerized plants. Prepare and upload information and plant images to our national germplasm databank (GRIN). Assist staff with work station management for unit computers. Details

Student Web Application Developer, Library, Oregon State University. The OSU Libraries & Press, Emerging Technologies & Services Department is hiring twostudent Web Application Programmer to assist with new development and maintenance of a variety of web projects. Working on new or existing Library Web applications using a variety of open source standards and experimental technologies. Mobile Web Development. Working with customers to assess needs and deliver tools. Support for staff of the Valley Library relating to the library website. Details

Web Site Developer & Social Media Coordinator, Caromar LLC. We seek a skilled person to develop two websites for us: 1. a very simple one page website describing our company, and 2. a more complex website that could include e-commerce features, although the e-commerce would be limited to distributor and wholesaler orders. This person will need to work with our web hosting company to set up the websites and overall, make things work. Importantly, we need someone with skills to set up multiple email accounts on each website and to provide technical troubleshooting from time to time. Having someone versed in social media especially those associated with the fashion and related accessories industry would be a big plus. Details

Software Engineer I, Elemental Technologies. We are looking for an engineer to complete new products and features of superior quality on a fast-track schedule, helping us achieve our goal of becoming the market leader and most respected brand in the video processing space. Be an integral part of an exceptionally talented team, on a fast track development schedule for the Elemental Media Engine, the core technology supporting Elemental's product line. Work closely with the entire team to take new products and product features through the development cycle - from inception, through QA, to delivery and approval by the customer. Provide highly responsive technical assistance to the customer support team, translating customer requests into functional code. Details

Back-End Web Development Engineer, Elemental Technologies. We are looking for talented web developers with a passion for user experience, to ensure that our products remain the most user-friendly and intuitive video processing solutions on the market. Work closely with product, customer support and front-end engineers to implement and maintain the features for our products. Optimize web application code to be fast and functional on resource-constrained systems. Provide highly responsive technical assistance to the customer support team, translating customer requests into functional code. Work closely with the entire team to complete release cycles. Details

Platform Engineer, Elemental Technologies. In this role, you will use your programming skills and deep understanding of Linux configuration and package management to build our base operating system images, product installers and system configuration tools. Be responsible for the base operating system configurations that Elemental products ship on. Work from the understanding that your code is the first experience that a customer has with our software. Translate system configuration tasks into user-friendly interfaces that apply to multiple platforms. Build packaging infrastructure for Elemental’s next generation Software Defined Video architecture. Details

Video Processing Software Engineer, Elemental Technologies. We are seeking an experienced engineer who is an expert in video processing on parallel processors. If you possesses an interest in developing extremely high-performance, professional applications this position might be for you. Design, implement and test high-performance video compression and pixel processing algorithms. Understand and utilize the full processing power of top-end GPU and CPU hardware. Support the Elemental product development team in implementing customer requirements. Details

Escalation Engineer, Elemental Technologies. We are looking for an experienced Escalation Engineer to implement support features, address customer issues and represent the customer perspective throughout the product development process. The Engineering Escalation team works in close coordination with the Services and Support organization to address issues that require debugging and implementation expertise. This team is embedded within the Elemental Product Development organization and focuses directly on customer issues and support. Details

Quality Assurance Engineer, Elemental Technologies. We are seeking a customer-centric test engineer with a passion for quality whose goal is to create solid, reliable software that defines its genre. In this role, you will design and implement test methodologies and procedures that will produce superior quality software on fast-track scheduled releases, helping us achieve our goal of becoming the market leader and most respected brand in the video processing space. Work with product marketing, customer support and development teams to identify and understand our external customers and integrate their “stories” into our tests. Develop, document and implement repeatable, concise test procedures and processes. Look for and identify test methodology and process improvements. Details

Computer Programmer (full-time), EPA. The EPA Environmental Research and Business Support Program has an opening for a Computer Programmer at the EPA facility in Corvallis, Oregon. The main purpose of the job is to program user-friendly decisions support systems for the purpose of helping communities make more sustainable decisions, with an emphasis on healthy ecosystems. Job responsibilities include working with other contractors to design and implement initial tool prototypes, implementing and testing multiple tool interfaces, working with possible users of tools, collaborating with researchers to become familiar with decision making and natural resource management, writing documentation for the tools, fixing bugs and other related tasks. Details

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