Photo of professor hooding a graduate student at the graduation ceremony

Establish Your Committee

You can find more information here:

Select A GCR

If you are a thesis student, you must have a Graduate Council Representative (GCR) on your committee.  You can generate and print this list by going to the Graduate School website via this link: Under #3 of “Roles of Committee Members”, click on the online GCR list generation tool.  You will need to enter your ONID login and password to get to the request page. Once there you can request a list which will be ten names you can contact by phone/email until you find someone available to serve as your GCR. Contact the Graduate School at 541-737-4881 or if you need any assistance. If you are unable to find a GCR after going through all ten names, you can use the same method to request an additional list. The system will allow you to generate one list a day.  After you have identified a representative, you must return this list to the Graduate School, indicating the faculty member serving in the GCR role.

Schedule the Event

  1. Once you have established a date and time for your final oral exam and all committee members have agreed to attend, complete the online Event Scheduling form at There is a section for you to paste the content of your abstract. Indicate if you need to reserve equipment on this form.  Please also include the title of your thesis. You will receive an email confirmation from the EECS office when your room and/or equipment have been reserved.

Each student is responsible for informing their committee of the date, time, and place of the exam and of reminding each committee member before the exam date.

  1. After submitting the EECS Event Schedule form, you will need to schedule with the Graduate School no later than two weeks before your event. Schedule with the Graduate School via their webform found here: When you submit the form to the Graduate School, they will audit your file for graduation and process your degree completion request. If you do not submit the form, they will not let you hold your exam.
  1. Diploma Application - Complete and submit the diploma application: at least two weeks prior to your exam date. If you are not planning on attending commencement to receive your diploma in the spring or picking up your diploma (in person), you need to contact the Registrar’s Office to arrange for mailing the diploma:
  2. Once you have completed the requirements leading to graduation, you must fill out and submit the Exit Checklist via the web form here: to the EECS Graduate Program Coordinator.

Before you depart from OSU please make sure to:

  • Turn in your OSU keys to the key shop
  • Leave your cubicle key in the desk lock
  • Clean your cubicle space
  • Check your KEC mailbox for any unclaimed mail

Refer to the Graduate School Website for Information on the Following: Graduate School Guide to Success

  • Program of Study - be sure your program of study is complete and up-to-date. If not, submit a Petition for Change in Program form before you schedule the exam with the Graduate School:
  • Copies of Thesis for Committee Members - at least two weeks before your exam, submit thesis copies to your committee (please ask your committee members, including the GCR, if they would like an electronic copy or paper version).
  • Thesis Pretext Pages - must be sent to the Graduate School two weeks before your exam! You can email your pretext pages to
  • Final Thesis Format – see the Graduate School page for formatting and submission deadlines.
  • Final Thesis Copy Format for Scholars Archive - It is mandatory for thesis students to submit an electronic copy of their thesis to the Scholars Archive. Please follow this link for complete information:
  • Non-thesis Project Paper - If you are completing a non-thesis MS degree, it is mandatory for you to submit an electronic copy of your non-thesis paper to the Scholars Archive administered by the Valley Library. Please follow this link: Theses, Dissertations, and Student Research Papers (EECS) at
  • ETD Form - The Graduate School only requires your signed ETD form and thesis title page. Dr. Bose will sign for the director. Please bring your ETD form and thesis title page to the EECS Graduate Program Coordinator. They will help you acquire Dr. Bose’s signature and submit your forms to the Graduate School.