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Aqueous Inorganic Inks for Low-Temperature Fabrication of ZnO TFTs

TitleAqueous Inorganic Inks for Low-Temperature Fabrication of ZnO TFTs
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsMeyers, S. T., J. T. Anderson, C. M. Hung, J. Thompson, J. F. Wager, and D. A. Keszler
JournalJournal of the American Chemical Society
Pagination17603 - 17609
Date Published12/2008

A simple, low-cost, and nontoxic aqueous ink chemistry is described for digital printing of ZnO films. Selective design through controlled precipitation, purification, and dissolution affords an aqueous Zn(OH)ₓ(NH₃)y ⁽²⁻x⁾⁺ solution that is stable in storage, yet promptly decomposes at temperatures below 150 °C to form wurtzite ZnO. Dense, high-quality, polycrystalline ZnO films are deposited by ink-jet printing and spin-coating, and film structure is elucidated via X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy. Semiconductor film functionality and quality are examined through integration in bottom-gate thin-film transistors. Enhancement-mode TFTs with ink-jet printed ZnO channels annealed at 300 °C are found to exhibit strong field effect and excellent current saturation in tandem with incremental mobilities from 4-6 cm² V-¹ s-¹ . Spin-coated ZnO semiconductors processed at 150 °C are integrated with solution-deposited aluminum oxide phosphate dielectrics in functional transistors, demonstrating both high performance, i.e., mobilities up to 1.8 cm 2 V-¹ s-¹, and the potential for low-temperature solution processing of all-oxide electronics.

Short TitleJ. Am. Chem. Soc.