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Tuan Pham

PhD Student
Computer Science

I am a graduate student in Computer Science at the School of EECS, Oregon State University. I am working toward Ph.D. degree in the area of Information Visualization, under Dr. Ronald A. Metoyer. My research interests are Information Visualization for End-Users, Multivariate Visualization, and Web-based Database Application.

Research Interests: 

Currently, our group is studying and implementing visualization techniques to explore diversity in large multivariate data sets. Our latest paper will appear in the proceedings of InfoVis 2010.

For my M.S. degree, I worked with Dr. Toshimi Minoura on the project of implementing access control for a user- participatory web-based GIS application with Drupal 6.x.

Contact Information

2048 Kelley Engineering Center
Corvallis, OR 97331-5501
(541) 737-3617