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Professional Computer Science B.S. Degree – Graduate Success

In the initial year, 34 students successfully graduated. Recent graduates have found new opportunities through jobs, internships, promotions and graduate school. Graduates are employed as software engineers, software developers, systems engineers, and product specialists at companies like Boeing, Disney, Garmin, and Hewlett Packard.

Matt Staten talks about how OSU's online degree program changed his life.

Matt Staten, product specialist
Huron Consulting Group, Lake Oswego, Oregon
First degree:  anthropology

“The online degree program allowed me to get a computer science degree in a short period of time and go from having several odd jobs unrelated to my degree, to starting a career.”

Matt had a job offer with Huron Consulting Group before he graduated from the online degree program. Watch the video to learn more about Matt’s journey.

Nicklas Knudson, computer engineer
Army Corps of Engineers
First degree: biology

“I enjoy getting up in the morning because I have a job that I love, and I have an incredibly good work-life balance that I’ve never had before in my life. This program has improved the quality of my life immeasurably.”

Nicklas intended to go to medical school when he started on his biology degree, but changed his mind along the way. After working for two years as a biologist he decided to return to his early interest in computer science.

“I thought about getting a master’s degree in computer science but I couldn’t find any program that would accept my biology degree. The alternative was to go back for another four years to get a second bachelor’s. This program was a godsend for me because it allowed me to take what I already knew and bridge it to something that I was really passionate about,” he said.

Nicklas had several job offers upon graduation and chose the one he was most excited about —working with the Army Corps of Engineers on control systems for hydroelectric power plants.

“I enjoy going out to the dams and seeing the work that we do being implemented in the real world on these incredibly large structures that will blow your mind,” Nicklas said.

His brother, a pharmacist in Florida, watched Nicklas’ success with close interest and started the program just as Nicklas finished. He also plans to complete the program in one year.

Bental Wong talks about his experience in the online degree program.

Bental Wong, software engineer
Hewlett Packard, Vancouver, Washington
First degree: business

“I found my true calling.”

Bental wanted to be an engineer as a child but instead got a business degree and established a career in accounting and banking.

“I’ve always been drawn to technology, and fascinated with what it can do to solve people’s problems,” Bental said.

He wanted to explore his passion for creating, but returning to school when he already had a career and family was a challenge. It was the flexibility of the online degree program made it possible for him to change careers in just a year.

“I have two children, so I needed to be able to do the program from home. That I could do it on my schedule was important. I ended up doing the one-year track but I wanted to feel like I could switch to a longer program if I needed to,” he said.

Bental had three job offers within weeks of graduating. He felt he could be happy with any of the jobs he was offered, but he was most excited about working for Hewlett Packard on a new innovation that will allow web-enabled printers to automatically order ink when toner is getting low.

“I heard the job market was great but until you get into that process you don’t know if it’s just hype or if it’s the reality. It’s definitely a very strong job market,” Bental said.