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Meet Our Staff

Padma Akkaraju

Padma Akkaraju | ECampus Coordinator/Advisor

There are many topics that Padma Akkaraju can be excited about, but her first passion was physics. “I was always very interested in physics, so much so that my sister would tease me while I was in high school by saying, ‘Are you going to take math and physics this year?’” she laughs. More...


Tina Batten

Tina Batten | Corporate Relations

As a teenager, Tina Batten viewed working for her dad’s various businesses and in her mom’s office as just a way to make money. As it turned out, it was good training for where she is now, working in corporate relations for the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. More...


Calvin Hughes

Calvin Hughes | Academic Advisor

There are times you have to admit that your parents were right. For Calvin Hughes, his parents’ encouragement of learning Spanish was one of those times. More...


Todd Shechter

Todd Shechter | IT Director

“I’m a geek,” Todd Shechter willingly admits, which is not a bad thing when you are the director of information technology (IT) for the College of Engineering. More...


Pat Sullivan

Pat Sullivan | Grants Coordinator

Although the initial reason to go back to work after retiring from law enforcement was “golf money,” Pat Sullivan found her job at OSU in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science so rewarding that she has let golf go the wayside. More...


Gale Sumida

Gale Sumida | Marketing & Communications

Gale Sumida never anticipated when she left Hawaii for college at Oregon State University that she would still be in Corvallis today. And although her parents encouraged her to leave the islands to have the experience of becoming independent, her mother was expecting Sumida to return. More...