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The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) is making a fundamental change in the way we teach engineering concepts to students. We're innovating teaching and learning by energizing the curriculum with exciting, hands-on platforms for learning.® Our aim is to put the fun and excitement into EECS and thus retain and inspire interest among students in engineering. Unique to Oregon State and seed-funded by Tektronix, this program helps students understand how class content is interconnected. It also gives them hands on experience in applying theoretical concepts to their robots, turning theories into realities.


3D Printing

The virtual makerspace gives the ability for students, faculty and staff to make plastic prototypes from 3D designed models using many of the 3D printers on the Oregon State University campus.  To submit a 3D printer order the user will need to have an "STL" file.  An STL file can be generated by most CAD software tools, choose Save As -> ".stl - Stereo Lithography File" 


Laser Cutter

The virtual makerspace gives the ability for students, faculty and staff laser cutter to cut sheets of wood, plastic, and cardboard. You can export a .DXF file of your model from most CAD software (SolidWorks is available to OSU students for free). Currently we can only accept .DXF files that have been exported in mm.



The Virtual Makerspace does not give you the ability to manufacture PCBs on campus.  However, the following companies have been used by many of our students with good success.  Students at OSU can create their own PCB prototypes. How ever this link will redirect you to another department for the job.



Use this link to create a project enclosure of any size.  


PCB sample