Peer mentors

We believe engineering students are people who want to build a better world. Young women and men driven to make a difference. Bright individuals with vision and passion and purpose. Which is why our program is unlike any you'll find elsewhere.

In Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Oregon State University, we strive to give students an environment that fosters teamwork, hands-on projects, creative learning experiences, and leadership. Our goal is to provide a “playground for learning” where you can be creative while getting a quality education.

Hands-On Learning

We created “personal learning platforms” to give you hands-on experience beginning in the first term of your freshman year. Our aim is to help you apply what you learn in class to a real object. You will continue to use your personal learning platform as you progress through the program. And because we encourage you use your creativity to try new things, you’ll end up with a platform that is uniquely yours.

World-Class Faculty

Our nationally-recognized faculty are applying their expertise to make major breakthroughs in technology, including those that are critical for a sustainable future such as clean and renewable energy, green nanomaterials, energy storage, and smart energy living. And they’re always working to create the next generation of electronic and communication devices.

Peer Leaders

The first year in college can be challenging, so we connect you with peer leaders — your fellow undergraduates who have recently completed their freshman year — to help you out. All freshmen are assigned a peer leader who is a TA (teaching assistant) in your introduction to ECE or CS lab. This way, you’ll be able to connect with someone who’s already been through what you’re doing and will be able to give you guidance and advice to help you succeed and excel.

Peer Advisors

Peer advisors are an integral part of the advising program, providing the perspective of an upper-class student. They assist first- and second-year students in making the transition from high school to OSU by sharing their strategies for academic success and knowledge of campus resources. In other words, they’ll give you the “inside scoop.”

Internships and Industry Networking

Touted by students and industry representatives as one of the best in the nation, the MECOP (Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program) provides students with two six-month internships during their undergraduate careers. Companies provide quality experiences and participating students are often able to land permanent jobs with the companies where they interned.

In addition, we work closely with industry to provide you networking opportunities with company representatives several times each year, including senior dinners, industry receptions and career fairs.

Senior Capstone Design Projects

Our goal is to seamlessly facilitate your transition from Oregon State to the engineering profession. All EECS students complete a year-long senior capstone class that exposes you to the challenges of engineering design and project management by designing, building, and testing a product. Some students have even started companies based on their senior projects. As part of this course, you will also learn skills — such as teamwork and communication — that employers say are vital to success.

Community of Learners

When I came here, I was looking for a community. then I realized I was helping to create one.

You’re sure to find a club or student group that’s doing something cool that interests you. Several clubs have won national competitions — multiple times. Others do service projects in countries that desperately need help. Or you could be part of an Open Source group. What about creating computer games? More importantly, you’ll be part of a community and make friendships that can last a lifetime.

Leadership Development

You learn to become a leader by being a leader. At OSU, you’ll have the opportunity to do this by becoming a peer leader, peer advisor, or teaching assistant; by taking a lead role in a student club; serving as team leader for your senior capstone project; participating in undergraduate research projects; and more. Opportunities are everywhere, so make sure you take advantage of them!

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Participating in research as an undergraduate is an opportunity for students to work closely with faculty, graduate students, and other undergraduates from other universities on research projects. Hands-on research experiences for undergraduates help students to see the bigger picture and aspire to greater things.