Leadership Opportunities

Students in a meeting

When you graduate from Oregon State, we want you to not only be work-ready, but leadership-ready as well. EECS’s leadership opportunities combine responsible and important job assignments with your formal classroom studies by allowing you to more closely work with our faculty, staff, and graduate students. We offer varied team and community opportunities that will transcend to your future career and give you hands-on experience in areas such as mentoring, product development, research, and curriculum development.

Peer Mentors

The Peer Mentors are current EECS undergraduate students who are ready to assist with registration issues and help their fellow students make the most of academic coursework and opportunities. Some responsibilities include:

  • Providing peer support to EECS students
  • Assisting with tours, START orientations and events
  • Help students discover resources to balance academics and other responsibilities

For more information contact Amy Vincent or Calvin Hughes

Peer Leaders

The Peer Leaders are a group of upperclassmen who have excelled in previous coursework and now use their past knowledge to help new students get through the material. The Peer Leaders meet in KEC 1119 (ECE) and KEC 1089 (CS). Read more about our peer leaders

Contact Matt Shuman for additional information.

The Learning Co

This program is designed for incoming students whom have prior experience in CS and so desire a different type of skill development than is offered in the basic CS courses. Students in the Learning Co. are given project leads from upperclassmen, which they develop instead of basic course labs/recitations.

Contact professor Carlos Jensen for more information.

TekBot Development Team

This year-long internship opportunity is set in an industry-like environment, giving students the ability to develop hardware for actual production. Interns interface with industry partners while also developing the materials used in EECS classes, allowing them to make a difference in how and what others learn in the school.

For more information contact Don Heer.